Metaverse and blockchain: main applications

Metaverse and blockchain

The blockchain applied to the metaverse can unlock the hidden potential of these new technologies. In fact, both can be considered complementary, as they have characteristics and functions which, if added together, seem to converge ideally, giving a result that is much more than the mere union of the parts. Cryptocurrencies Blockchain technology is best […]

Metaverse: an oligopolistic market?

Metaverse: an oligopolistic market?

When talking about the metaverse market, the hope is that a new kind of economy will develop. The hope that things will change and everyone gets a chance of setting a new business and see it thrive. The hope that international corporations don’t take the biggest chunk of the market. However, investing in the metaverse […]

Are traditional banks and DLTs incompatible?

Are traditional banks incompatible with DLTs?

DLTs(Decentralized Ledger Technology) are databases of data, typically assets, that are shared over a network of nodes. In contrast to a centralized ledger, which needs assets to be stored in a “clearing house” (a centralized and secure database), a distributed ledger enables asset owners to control their assets directly via a network in which copies […]

NFT business opportunities

NFT business opportunities

A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a technology that enables the trading of things of value with blockchain technology. Blockchain technology makes it possible to create and trade unique digital items.  Although NFTs are known and used widely for trading, many other opportunities come with this blockchain application. These include businesses, marketing, jobs, and many more. […]

Legal aspects of crowdfunding on Blockchain

Crowdfunding on Blockchain

Crowdfunding has become an increasingly popular means of raising money by appealing to the generosity of the general public, rather than relying on institutional investors. Although the concept of crowdfunding dates back to at least the 17th century, it has only been in recent years that crowdfunding has exploded in popularity on blockchain platforms. Companies […]

NFTs used as loan collaterals

NFTs as a loan collateral

DeFi platforms lending cryptos and accepting NFTs as loan collaterals are one of the latest trends in the Blockchain niche. Non-Fungible Tokens guarantee artists and collectors the ability to trade a wide variety of assets in nearly real-time, but there’s way more in their future, and it’s only a matter of time before they become […]

China hospital is billing with Blockchain

China hospital is billing with Blockchain

China had probably the quickest recovery from COVID in the world, even though the people are still experiencing many difficulties in getting back their normal lives. Organisation in hospitals, mutual help and technology played a key role, and now the government is experimenting new solutions to improve the national health system even further. The interest […]

Fintech and Blockchain: an unavoidable bond?

Fintech and Blockchain

Last year’s Global Blockchain Market research report forecasts that the worldwide blockchain market will amount to USD 60.7 billion in 2024 (in 2017, the market amounted to 708 million). These figures (that should be taken with a pinch of salt, by the way) testify that businesses are increasingly adopting Blockchain into their workflows and probably Fintech and […]

Interview with Davide Baldi, CEO at Luxochain

Interview with Davide Baldi CEO at Luxochain

We have already published a few posts about using Blockchain in the fashion industry and its use for credentials verification, and we found out that this new technology can help the luxury goods industry to overcome one of its long-standing hurdles: the counterfeit goods market. Some companies already have some domestic blockchain-based solutions in place, […]

An ordinary day with Blockchain

An ordinary day with Blockchain

We always talk about Blockchain as a revolutionary technology that will radically change the way companies across all industries conduct their business. We also talked a few times about how Blockchain will ease our lives, from healthcare to buying home. We were having a chat with a client a few days ago, and the subject […]