Blockchain regulatory challenges: where are we?

Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology based on an immutable database shared across a network. We talk about its potential every day, and the applications of this technology are limitless: nearly all the activities based on digital transactions can be managed with Blockchain. And that’s why Blockchain regulatory compliance is generating a lot of discussion. […]

Potential benefits of Blockchain in the NHS

Potential benefits of Blockchain in the NHS

Over the past few years, we have seen a lot of interest around Blockchain and its potential. Many people believe it is the propeller that will save every industry and make all Blockchain-based companies flourish. Although there are many possibilities of Blockchain applications, we rarely hear something from the medical sector. Today we will talk […]

Blockchain to fight terrorism

Blockchain to fight terrorism

Cryptocurrencies are traditionally associated with Blockchain, and they influence each other’s reputation. As most of us know, cryptocurrencies are used in a lot of illicit activities, such as funding terrorist groups, however, when we think about Blockchain, we think about security and transparency, so the real question is: can we use Blockchain to fight terrorism? […]

Blockchain, real estate, and the future of the industry

Blockchain real estate

The real estate sector is one of the most significant markets due to its volume and number of transactions. We want to highlight the link between Blockchain, real estate, and the new face of this market. Investments in real estate are made on a daily basis, however, its high volume and continuous growth (according to […]

Blockchain for small business: benefits and how to get them

Blockchain for small business

If you are on this blog, you probably know where Blockchain comes from: invented in 2008, its only purpose was serving as a public, encrypted ledger for bitcoin transactions. However, because of its immutable nature and intrinsic security, Blockchain applications multiplied, and we are witnessing the use of Blockchain for small business and many other […]

Cryptocurrency and crime: uses and ways to stop it

Cryptocurrency and crime

Over the past few years, cryptocurrencies have grown rapidly in price, popularity and mainstream adoption. To put it into context, the numerous online cryptocurrency exchanges and markets have daily dollar volume in the billions. With such volumes, a link between cryptocurrency and crime is, unfortunately, inevitable. As of January 2018, the total market capitalisation of […]

10 Blockchain applications that will change our world

10 Blockchain applications

The fuss about cryptocurrencies is still on the rise, and while governments are putting regulatory boundaries to them, some with an market-minded approach, others with a more restrictive intent, the technology which is the basis of cryptocurrency is finding more and more applications, and catching the attention of investors, institutions, and big companies. Such interest […]

Benefits for the fashion industry from Blockchain applications

Blockchain applications in the fashion industry

Online shopping has opened a world of possibilities, especially for top-notch fashion firms. With a clear and easy user journey on the websites, and fair refund policies in place, online purchases of outfits and fashion accessories became more and more popular. You might already see how this has to do with Blockchain applications. Although this […]

Fundament Group: BaFin Approves $280M Blockchain Bond For Real Estate

The German regulator greenlights an unprecedented $280 million Ethereum-based real estate bond for security issuance firm the Fundament Group by Daryl Charman On 23rd July 2019, the German Financial Market Supervisory Authority (BaFin) approved a blockchain-based bond issuance for Fundament Group. The Berlin-based security issuance firm behind it mainly invests in commercial real estate, with […]

CFTC targets BitMEX

BitMEX: U.S. watchdogs willing to step up the game with crypto oversight by Mattias Cerini News broke out recently regarding a probe launched by the U.S. Commodities Futures Exchange Commission (CFTC) into alleged trades executed by American citizens on Seychelles based crypto margin trading BitMEX. The investigation has not been made public as of the […]