Interview with Davide Baldi, CEO at Luxochain

Interview with Davide Baldi CEO at Luxochain

We have already published a few posts about using Blockchain in the fashion industry and its use for credentials verification, and we found out that this new technology can help the luxury goods industry to overcome one of its long-standing hurdles: the counterfeit goods market. Some companies already have some domestic blockchain-based solutions in place, […]

An ordinary day with Blockchain

An ordinary day with Blockchain

We always talk about Blockchain as a revolutionary technology that will radically change the way companies across all industries conduct their business. We also talked a few times about how Blockchain will ease our lives, from healthcare to buying home. We were having a chat with a client a few days ago, and the subject […]

How Blockchain applications will help charities

Blockchain applications charities

Blockchain is a relatively new technology that is now building trust and its advantages are becoming clear to a lot of investors and businesses. Blockchain applications can be seen in pretty much every business sector, and the way it works changes accordingly. Actually, Blockchain is so versatile that it can be also used for non-business […]

Why businesses refrain from implementing Blockchain

Why businesses refrain from implementing Blockchain

Blockchain is certainly the future of many business sectors. From finance to food, it will radically change a lot of aspects of the daily life of every company. Everything will run faster than now, and a lot of operations will be automated. Security of enterprises’ databases will be rock solid and they will no longer […]

Blockchain in public administration and its benefits

Blockchain in public administration

One of the most important duties carried out by public authorities is maintaining a record of our sensitive data: properties we own, people we are married to, taxes we pay, businesses we manage, criminal offences we commit, and so on. This is something that has to be done with extreme care and precision, as the […]

Blockchain regulatory challenges: where are we?

Blockchain regulatory challenges

Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology based on an immutable database shared across a network. We talk about its potential every day, and the applications of this technology are limitless: nearly all the activities based on digital transactions can be managed with Blockchain. And that’s why Blockchain regulatory compliance is generating a lot of discussion. […]

Potential benefits of Blockchain in the NHS

Potential benefits of Blockchain in the NHS

Over the past few years, we have seen a lot of interest around Blockchain and its potential. Many people believe it is the propeller that will save every industry and make all Blockchain-based companies flourish. Although there are many possibilities of Blockchain applications, we rarely hear something from the medical sector. Today we will talk […]

Blockchain to fight terrorism

Blockchain to fight terrorism

Cryptocurrencies are traditionally associated with Blockchain, and they influence each other’s reputation. As most of us know, cryptocurrencies are used in a lot of illicit activities, such as funding terrorist groups, however, when we think about Blockchain, we think about security and transparency, so the real question is: can we use Blockchain to fight terrorism? […]

Blockchain, real estate, and the future of the industry

Blockchain real estate

The real estate sector is one of the most significant markets due to its volume and number of transactions. We want to highlight the link between Blockchain, real estate, and the new face of this market. Investments in real estate are made on a daily basis, however, its high volume and continuous growth (according to […]

Blockchain for small business: benefits and how to get them

Blockchain for small business

If you are on this blog, you probably know where Blockchain comes from: invented in 2008, its only purpose was serving as a public, encrypted ledger for bitcoin transactions. However, because of its immutable nature and intrinsic security, Blockchain applications multiplied, and we are witnessing the use of Blockchain for small business and many other […]