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What country is best to launch a Blockchain project?

As a Blockchain consulting firm, we continuously study the status of Blockchain-related regulations globally, and have developed our Blockchain Compliance Rank (BCR): an overall indicator (from 0 to 10) that synthesises the current national regulations applicable to ICOs and crypto-projects, the ease of doing business, and the overall country risk. We understand that many investors are seeking new opportunities in the crypto market, and we can provide valuable insights on potential investments. By considering factors such as market demand, technological innovation, and regulatory compliance, we can help you identify promising new crypto to invest in. With our thorough research and in-depth analysis, you can make informed investment decisions in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies.

# Country Flag Status BCR Crypto-regulatory Rank Doing Business Rank Country Risk Rank Previous Rank & Variation
1 United States Very safe 8.29 7.65 6 AA 8.29 (+0)
2 France Very safe 8.26 7.99 32 AA 8.21 (+0.04)
3 Switzerland Very safe 8.19 7.95 36 AA 8.02 (+0.17)
4 Australia Very safe 8.12 7.52 14 AA 8.05 (+0.07)
5 Austria Very safe 7.99 7.53 27 AA 7.92 (+0.07)
6 Lithuania Very safe 7.98 7.85 11 BB 7.89 (+0.09)
7 Estonia Very safe 7.87 7.23 18 AA 7.89 (-0.02)
8 United Arab Emirates Very safe 7.84 7.73 16 BB 7.75 (+0.09)
9 Denmark Very safe 7.72 6.8 4 AA 7.73 (-0.01)
10 Netherlands Very safe 7.68 7.32 42 AA 7.79 (-0.11)
Last update: 01/06/2020

Our Blockchain Compliance services

Legal & Compliance

With so many companies operating on a global scale, legal teams must keep an international vision on regulations.

Blockchain compliance can be an advantage for both companies and regulators, thanks to its immutability.

With the implementation of Blockchain, your company will benefit from the reduction of manual interventions, and the total suppression of data reconciliation. Blockchain enhances trust, security, transparency, and traceability of data shared across a business network. Likewise, cryptocurrency is also quite favorable for enterprise expansion as it drastically increases payment processing capacity. Moreover, with evolving technology, now it's possible to buy such highly profitable crypto with autotrading software. Check it out if you're interested.

ID checks, AML & KYC, and client onboarding will be quicker than ever.

Strategy & Technology

Blockchain compliance, alone, is not enough to launch an innovative project based on this technology.

Planning is also important, along with the ability of nurturing good relationships with investors.

When it comes to Blockchain, there is also a technical side of the whole operation that someone must take in charge, and we can surely help you to find the best professionals.

A solid base is a good start for any business out there.

Why Blockchain ConsultUs?

• Our team of professionals has a multi-disciplinary background.
• Our team has 50+ years of combined experience.
• No obscure talking: our communication is easy and transparent.
• We have deep expertise across all European jurisdictions.
• We abide by a Code of Ethical Conduct.
• We pay attention to every detail and leave nothing to chance.
• You will have a project manager you can always count on.
• You don't like planes? We do! We can setup a meeting anywhere in the EU.

Our values


No smoke and mirrors with us. We deliver an honest and transparent service from start to finish


We have been studying Blockchain and its applications long before it became popular


Our consultants have multi-year experience and books published. Your project is in skillful hands


We keep sensitive data safe. No details of your project will ever be disclosed without your consent

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"Blockchain ConsultUs is assisting us in expanding our business outside Switzerland, by offering us reliable services to identify the best jurisdictions for our projects and support our operations from there. From company formation to obtain licences, we benefit from their accuracy, professionalism and services tailored for our business"
Roberto Gorini
Founder and CEO, (Switzerland)
"Blockchain ConsultUs' team provide high-level advice and guidance, and if you're unsure about where to run your blockchain or FinTech business from, they are the right persons to talk to. I found them to be experienced, responsive, knowledgeable and honest."
Marco Lavanna
Founder and Chairman, (Switzerland)

What countries do we encompass?

We are experienced in all European jurisdictions and we will certainly be able to support your business

Our experts

Simone Casadei B.

Seasoned legal and compliance advisor. Author of many articles and books including Blockchain Regulatory Compliance Made Easy.

Franco Nicosia

Over 20 years of experience in management and a strong ability in creating fruitful relationships with the investors.

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