This is how we help emerging start-ups, seasoned entrepreneurs, and innovative, unlaunched ideas to benefit from the Blockchain

Legal & Compliance

  • Jurisdiction analysis: get the right one for your company, we will carry out the research for you
  • Company incorporation: we take care of the legal birth of your business
  • Compliance measures: we deal with all regulations, even in the most ever-changing scenarios
  • Document drafting with the 3 E's: Exhaustive, Effective, Empowering
  • AML and KYC policies: meet all authority requirements with our experience
  • Privacy and GDPR: we will help you to comply with the most recent data protection laws
  • Investor and user agreements: we make sure your business is based on transparent relationships
  • Banks and financial institutions: we open all the necessary accounts for you
Legal and compliance

Strategy & Technology

  • Investor relations: we will deal with investors to ensure their active contribution to your project
  • Business planning: we will draft a business plan for your project
  • Marketing and brand identity: we will build a solid reputation for your brand and attract the right people
  • Go-to-market partnerships: we will find and contact the best matching partners for your business
  • Risk assessment: is your business sustainable? What are the risks? We will find out with this analysis
  • Technicalities: we will draft a technical plan to make your project real
  • ICO/STO/crowdsale: we will launch the project on the appropriate platforms
  • Recruiting: we will recruit technical specialists that will make your project work
Strategy and technology

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