NFT business opportunities

25 February 2022

A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a technology that enables the trading of things of value with blockchain technology. Blockchain technology makes it possible to create and trade unique digital items. 

Although NFTs are known and used widely for trading, many other opportunities come with this blockchain application. These include businesses, marketing, jobs, and many more. Below are some popular NFT business opportunities. 

NFT art as a business opportunity 

The NFT art market is relatively young, but markets and businesses thrive. It is estimated that the size of the NFT art market will grow by 700% in 2022. The crypto market cap is 105 billion dollars at the moment, it is growing at a fast rate, and with a prediction that Bitcoin will reach $100,000 in the future, NFT’s are expected to grow even faster. 

People buy NFT art in many different ways. Some purchase them to pay for services. For example, they need the artist to create a specific product type. Some will buy NFT art as an investment. For example, if they see value in the artist’s work, they can purchase it. Others buy them as gifts.

Leveraging NFT crowdfunding for fundraising and marketing

As a business organisation, you can raise funds to grow your business through NFT crowdfunding. There are several platforms, such as Kickstarter, that allow you to create a fundraising campaign and attract people who appreciate your business cause. You can also create your crowd sale platform and use NFTs to attract new investors

Through an NFT Crowdfunding platform for SMEs, any entrepreneur can launch a project. They can sell products, services, or rights, and all the digital assets, including products, services, and rewards, are NFTs.

NFT gaming business 

NFT gaming is a creative new trend that has captured the public’s attention. It is a new type of gaming that involves using NFTs. They use Ethereum-based tokens to create in-game assets that can be exchanged or traded. The types of assets that can be created include in-game currency, in-game items, or coupons. Unlike traditional gaming, NFT games don’t rely on physical components like cards, coins, or tickets. Instead, they use a blockchain system that tracks who owns what. 

NFT gaming was inspired by the success of CryptoKitties, the blockchain-based game where users can purchase and collect unique, blockchain-based digital cats called kitties, which were trading for thousands of dollars. If you are a gamer, programmer, or gaming enthusiast, NFT gaming is a perfect business opportunity for you. 

NFT marketing 

NFT marketing is a type of limitless marketing; it’s the name used to create, use, and trade Non Fungible Tokens. NFT marketing allows organisations to drive brand awareness, customer engagement, and product/service promotion through blockchain technology. 

NFT marketing is gaining popularity throughout various sectors in a range of different industries, including media, entertainment, technology, and gaming. NFT marketing allows organisations to create tangible, physical products that are affordable while also making them easily shareable and customizable. 

If you are looking for a suitable NFT business opportunity as a marketer, you should consider leveraging NFT advertising and marketing. You can create unique items, such as digital coupons, exchanged for branded merchandise. You can also create virtual items that users can purchase and own, such as tickets to sporting matches and concerts.

NFT music creation and development 

The music industry has been revolutionised with blockchain technology. Musicians slowly realise the power that comes with it. Blockchain technology enables artists to manage their songs, promote themselves and collaborate with other musicians. You can design your tokens, manage your art, and promote your work. 

However, there’s even more potential that NFT music can bring. With NFT music, artists can build their fan community, manage their intellectual property, and reward creativity. With NFT music, artists can release music and merchandise that fans can buy directly from their wallets. NFT music is a great business opportunity for musicians to earn crypto, sell merch, or even charge fan subscriptions. 


Some of the most popular and sought-after items on the blockchain are the NFT (non-fungible tokens). NFTs are created by artists, musicians, writers, and other creative people. They make products more unique and interesting. In this article, we covered the different NFT business opportunities to consider. 

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