An ordinary day with Blockchain

31 July 2020

We always talk about Blockchain as a revolutionary technology that will radically change the way companies across all industries conduct their business.

We also talked a few times about how Blockchain will ease our lives, from healthcare to buying home.

We were having a chat with a client a few days ago, and the subject came out: how would our daily life look like, if Blockchain were part of it at the same level as internet?

Let’s do this little exercise of future prediction.

A new day begins

It’s 7AM and your alarm clock rings. Time to get up. You take a shower, then cook scrambled eggs and bacon and have a cup of coffee for breakfast while watching the news on TV.

After brushing your teeth and helping your kids to get dressed, you are ready to go, when a reminder appears on your phone: at 10AM the plumber will come home to fix your sink tap. Neither you nor your husband will be home, so you open your Blockchain digital key app, create a one-time-only digital key and write the e-mail address of the plumber. She will receive a QR code that she will use to enter your home while you are away.

You get in your car with your kids and head to their school. You park your car, take the boys to the entrance and go back to the parking lot: your car has a little scratch on the left-hand door!

You open your insurance’s app based on Blockchain and get data from your black box. The car that was parked next to you hit your door and left. The accident has been already automatically reported to your company and an investigation is underway. Nothing to worry about.

Time to go to work.

At work (real estate)

It’s 9AM, you use your fob to enter and your boss calls you, because he knows you just clocked in, thanks to the Blockchain system monitoring check-in and check-out times.

He tells you that an important client is coming over to place an offer for a newly built apartments complex in the city centre.

It’s 10AM, when you get a notification on your phone: the plumber just entered your house.

The client comes in, and you start talking about this new development in the city centre.

«Have you seen the pictures? It is beautiful! We already had a few buyers over, last week.»
«I’ve seen it, it’s lovely. Although I cannot afford to buy the whole building, I’d love to invest part of my money on it, however, I’m not interesting in buying one or more apartments.»
«That’s totally fine - you say - the landlord tokenised the whole building, so you can buy as many tokens as you need.»
«I know, in fact, I’m interested in buying 20% of the whole building. I’ve seen the price per token advertised and I’m happy with it. How shall we proceed?»
«Well, first of all, we must carry out our KYC checks. Please, place your ID card on the NFC reader… yes, perfect… okay, done!»
«Done what?»
«Our KYC checks. You passed them. Basically, our blockchain is public, and the information is shared with all the real estate companies in the country, and because you are a known investor, it only took seconds to trace the provenance of your funds and your identity, so we are sure you comply with AML regulations and you are a trusted individual.»
«Wow! So what do we do, now?»
«This on my tablet is a smart contract: basically, you only need to put your e-signature here, and once you transfer your funds to the landlord’s wallet, the system will automatically transfer the tokens to you and the transaction will be recorded in our municipality’s ledger, which is on the same blockchain as ours. Every month, your share of revenues from the rents will be transferred to your bank account.»
«All signed, then! See you again soon!»

It’s 1PM, your lunch break. You use your fob again to exit. The supermarket Brisco is 300 ft away, so you decide to go there. A sandwich, a bag of crisps and a bottle of water will do.

You go at the till: £3, paid in Ethereum from your wallet. By the way, the transaction was instantly recorded both on your bank account and your Brisco loyalty card, so 3 briscoins were added to your fidelity balance. 97 more and you will get the Brisco annual prize: a fantastic holiday for two!

Around 3PM you get another notification on your phone: your son’s latest maths test results are out: he got an A! Thanks to the school’s blockchain-based system, tests are done on their laptops, and the results are instantly verified and uploaded on the database, and you get a notification in real-time.

Evening time

It deserves a celebration! You leave your office at 4PM, buy some ice-creams at Brisco and head to school. You pick them up, they are so happy to see their dad!

You take them home, and you are about to park your car, when all of a sudden you remember that tomorrow is your husband’s birthday!

He really needs new trainers, and you’ve seen a nice pair of Abibas, his favourite brand, in a store’s window nearby. When you get there, the last pair of his size is still available. You scan the QR code on the box just to make sure they are not counterfeit and you get all the information in a second: they are made of cotton and nylon harvested by fairly paid workers in Asia, then they were made in an Abibas factory in Europe, and shipped a week ago to the UK via train.

You pay them in Ethereum, and because the store has a partnership with Brisco, you accrue more briscoins on your loyalty card.

You get back home at 6:30PM, a few minutes before your husband comes back from work, just in time to hide his present.

You check the plumber’s work, and the sink works fine. You don’t need to worry about the payment, already done thanks to her Blockchain-based payment system.

You get a message by your insurance: the car who hit you in the morning is a black Boyota Trios whose owner has been contacted already.

Finally, you have dinner with your family and watch TV. Another day has come to an end.


We might have simplified a couple of things here and there, but overall, this is an ordinary day of an ordinary person in a world where Blockchain is widely used.

What is your opinion? How do you think the world would look like? Leave a comment below!

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