14 Blockchain real estate companies boosting the industry

19 June 2020

Blockchain real estate companies are gaining popularity among buyers, sellers and investors. The integrated system of trust of this technology makes it ideal for real estate.

Besides helping the traditional real estate industry, Blockchain is also being adopted by the burgeoning property sharing sector.

We have analysed 14 companies that use the increasingly popular technology to boost business.

The list

This list is not exhaustive, but we are sure you agree the contribution given by this company in the real estate is significant and it is helping the spread of Blockchain in this sector.

Now, let’s see the names.


Tallin, Estonia. Axioma allows owners of properties put on auction or confiscated to regain possession of their own home thanks to the support of an investment network anchored in ethics and sustainability.


Ljubljana, Slovenia. Blocksquare offers real estate businesses the real estate tokenisation system. Its tools and modules help with the creation, issuance, sale, distribution, management, tracking and trade of tokenised properties.


New York, USA. CryptoProperties (CPROP) builds blockchain data applications that focus on identifying new opportunities, reducing the risk and pinpointing issues in the real estate industry.

Elea Labs

Baar, Switzerland. Elea Labs uses distributed ledger technology to build the world’s first property DNA and lay the foundation of a new and living world of real estate, as its website states.


San Francisco, USA. Harbor is a compliance platform for tokenising private securities, including real estate. The company is tokenising real estate assets, including funds, private real estate investment trusts, building ownership and land to increase liquidity and transparency of the market.


New York, USA. ManageGo’s ledger-backed software helps property managers and owners process payments, complete credit background checks and manage maintenance ticketing.


New York, USA. Commercial property owners can sell digital shares of their real estate thanks to Meridio. The platform connects individual and corporate investors with property owners who want to liquidate portions of their ownership.


New York, USA. PropertyClub uses Blockchain to redesign the way people market, search for, buy and invest in properties. Via smart contracts, the business conducts digital real estate transactions using cryptocurrencies.


Palo Alto, USA. Propy is a Blockchain real estate marketplace whose smart contracts enact international property transactions.


New York, USA. RealBlocks is a technology platform that connects advisors and investors to the best alternative investment managers. Today many real estate and alternative investment managers are limited to raising capital locally. However, with RealBlocks, these managers can now raise capital globally through institutional and intermediary channels.


Santa Monica, USA. Reasi promotes itself as the first end-to-end real estate transaction platform featuring secure and seamless escrow to speed up the real estate buying and selling processes.


West Hollywood, USA. Smaller investors have a chance to invest in commercial real estate thanks to Slice.


New York, USA. StreetWire creates secure transaction solutions for the real estate industry through a data provider-controlled encrypted ledger. It facilitates faster and more transparent property transactions.

The Lending Coin

Boise, USA. The Lending Coin is a peer-to-peeer, decentralised real estate funding platform that utilises Blockchain technology and tokens.

It does not stop here

We are sure there are a lot of Blockchain real estate businesses out there waiting only to be listened to. If you know of any of them, please, tell us in a comment.

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