TokenRaise: The Most Advanced Blockchain Crowdfunding platform

15 January 2019

Noku announced the launch of the TokenRaise Platform 1.0. As of today, they have officially completed the development phase and are now releasing the first complete version of the service, to kick start projects and create any kind of Crowdfunding campaign on the Ethereum Blockchain.

How does it work?

TokenRaise significantly cuts the entry barriers to the Blockchain world, making possible for everyone to create Tokens and Crowdfunding campaigns without the need to be an IT expert and without any Blockchain related experience. In addition, for the launch of the product, Noku decided to offer the Custom Token Creation service for free, for the first time. This is an amazing and unique opportunity for everyone to create their first token: no programming experience is needed. Consequently, no code audit is required, minimizing overheads and being able to launch a token in under a few minutes.

What can you do with TokenRaise?

TokenRaise allows everyone to fuel Business ideas, startups by creating Token sale campaigns: ICO (Initial Coin Offering) or STO (Security Token Offering); essentially moving on Blockchain platforms all crowdfunding rounds that are now managed by centralized platforms, with all the benefits deriving from the nature of technology in terms of savings, security, and transparency.

The result is a new breed of high-end analytical products and new levels of effective Crowdfunding management. This product is built on top of Ethereum and runs in parallel to the pre-existing Custom Token Creation Service.

Which Features are included in the TokenRaise Version?

  • Whitelist Contributors
  • KYC Management
  • Reservation Contracts
  • Multiple Pre-sales available
  • Tailored for Partners -Ready to scale
  • Exchange Listing
  • More than 100 parameters available.

What’s the final product?

The result is an elegant and friendly User Interface, with intuitive navigation enabling any user to access all of the platform’s powerful features, regardless of whether they have any previous background of blockchain software or Dapps.

How we can help you?

To launch a successful Blockchain project, it’s important to not only have the right legal and compliance support, but to have a ready-made platform to shorten the setup period and to save money in the process too. That’s why our partnership with Noku combines both of these elements, making it a real one-stop-shop for people who are looking to utilise this technology.

If you want to know more about TokenRaise and other supporting services, please get in touch today!


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