Are traditional banks and DLTs incompatible?

Are traditional banks incompatible with DLTs?

DLTs(Decentralized Ledger Technology) are databases of data, typically assets, that are shared over a network of nodes. In contrast to a centralized ledger, which needs assets to be stored in a “clearing house” (a centralized and secure database), a distributed ledger enables asset owners to control their assets directly via a network in which copies […]

What is a blockchain fork? Soft and hard forks explained

Blockchain fork

Introduction There are two kinds of forks found within blockchain, one is called soft fork while the other is called hard fork. Today, we will be exploring the difference between them and go over the pros and the cons of each option when it comes to the community as well as the developers. Updates are […]

How to implement Blockchain in your business

Implement Blockchain in your business

We could do a lot of examples of businesses that implement Blockchain to get its benefits and there are a lot of Blockchain applications that prove the versatility of this technology. While there are some businesses that are still holding their pace, a lot of them are willing to go on this route and innovate […]

Smart contracts: what you need to know

Smart contracts

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are topics that get a lot of hype. And so do Smart Contracts. But what really are they? Under which circumstances you can benefit from them?  Things are more efficient when the need for trusting the other party to execute is removed, we all agree with this statement. While the term […]

A new era for gamers with Horizon Blockchain Games

Blockchain games

Once upon a time, we used to buy video games on CDs and DVDs. A simple act like that would mean that the game was yours, and you didn’t need anything else to play and succeed in it. However, time passed and micro-transactions were introduced along with online multiplayer modes. DLC made its way into […]

3 things small businesses can do with Blockchain straightaway

Blockchain applications small businesses

In spite of its numerous advantages in any commercial sector, Blockchain is not a standard in business management. Not yet. There are a lot of reasons why a lot of businesses still have doubts about implementing this relatively new technology, but for small businesses, any doubt is ten times stronger. Small businesses usually have tight […]

Can Blockchain be hacked?

Can Blockchain be hacked?

The short answer is no. Blockchain can’t be hacked. However, it is theoretically possible and some attacks were even completed in the past, but this new technology is becoming more secure by the minute. It is estimated that 10% of global wealth will be on Blockchain in less than ten years from now, and investment […]

E-billing with Blockchain

E-billing with Blockchain

Some trends in recent years, from environment tutelage to smart working, proved how necessary is digitising billing and invoicing. This process is strongly encouraged by governments, because of the consequentially easy tax management. Obviously, e-billing with Blockchain comes into play when concerns about security, accessibility, and fraud prevention arise. Why Blockchain? For a few, valid […]

Shipping with Blockchain

Shipping with Blockchain

In 2020, the majority of us are used to buy goods and services online, including things that a few years ago were considered impossible to sell on a typical e-commerce website, such as groceries and medications. Nowadays, however, we can buy pretty much everything online and get it in less than 24 hours out of […]

Blockchain, real estate, and the future of the industry

Blockchain real estate

The real estate sector is one of the most significant markets due to its volume and number of transactions. We want to highlight the link between Blockchain, real estate, and the new face of this market. Investments in real estate are made on a daily basis, however, its high volume and continuous growth (according to […]