How GDPR Has Affected Privacy Within the World of Cryptocurrencies


Organizations have been affected by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulation. This also includes blockchain and cryptocurrency companies which simply have to ensure that their infrastructure is fully GDPR compliant. To see how this has affected privacy within the world of cryptocurrencies as a whole, we will dive deep into everything that is currently […]

EU AML: state-of-art in 2020

EU AML Directives

The EU Anti-Money Laundering (EU AML) Directive sets a regime of broader application to contrast money laundering and terrorist financing. It applies, in fact, to all legal and natural persons dealing with substantial assets. Under the EU AML, the obliged entities must perform a Due Diligence on their customers (CDD) before entering into a relationship […]

GDPR and Blockchain: a matter of compatibility

GDPR Blockchain compliance

Last December we published a white paper titled “Blockchain and GDPR. How businesses can make them work harmoniously”. While its contents are still mostly relevant, the growing number of applications of Blockchain leads to continuously analyse the compatibility between this set of technologies and the GDPR requirements. One of the ambitions around GDPR was that […]

STOs in Europe and Security tokens: demystified compliance

STOs in Europe

In the last years, investing in early-stage companies has been extremely lucrative (especially for the borrowers). The number of scams perpetrated during the it’s-so-easy-to-run-an-ICO period, together with the amount of nonsensical ICOs, caused investors to quickly lose interest in the Blockchain market. But times are changing, and STOs in Europe are becoming more and more […]

Credentials verification with

Credentials verification with

Because of the growth of the illegal business of forged certificates, a lot of companies around the world are investing in new ways to protect their documents and clients, and credentials verification is a key factor in this. Digitalising certifications and a good KYC policy in place seem to be a solution, but they are […]

Smart contracts: what you need to know

Smart contracts

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are topics that get a lot of hype. And so do Smart Contracts. But what really are they? Under which circumstances you can benefit from them?  Things are more efficient when the need for trusting the other party to execute is removed, we all agree with this statement. While the term […]

Audit with Blockchain: challenges and opportunities

Audit with Blockchain

Audits can be of any kind, from financial to security, and all of them involve digital data storage and query. They usually take a long time and they are fundamental to any subsequent activity, so there is no room for mistakes. An audit with Blockchain does not have such problems, but it is not free […]

Blockchain innovation in wealth and asset management

Blockchain asset management

There is still a lot of uncertainty and circumspection around what technology can do for wealth management. Because of its nature, Blockchain is considered a very disruptive innovation, and Blockchain asset management is one of the pillars of the future of wealth management. Many people associate Blockchain to cryptocurrencies, and they think that in order […]

Blockchain KYC: an overview with case studies

Blockchain KYC

Is there a way, with modern technologies, to store, verify, and protect digital information? This question had remained with no answer for quite a long time, but now the key seems to be the Blockchain system. Blockchain KYC policies, for example, can help companies to quicken ID checks and safely transfer sensitive data to other […]

Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs): Questions & Answers

We recently posted an article on LinkedIn about Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs). We received some questions which relate to three main topics. by Simone D. Casadei Bernardi Who is responsible for running AML and CTF checks on their subscribers of the IEO? Is it the issuer or the exchange? The answer to this question can’t […]