The adoption of Blockchain in the pharmaceutical industry

Blockchain in the pharmaceutical industry

It was a matter of time before we could see an application of Blockchain in the pharmaceutical industry on a regular basis, and now good news is coming from the USA. The network MediLedger, powered by Blockchain, released a report where it describes the benefits of Blockchain in the pharmaceutical industry, in particular for the […]

3 Blockchain apps against COVID-19

3 Blockchain apps against COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, but we already know it will change our society and economy for a long time. For now, what matters most is respecting the restrictions and avoiding spreading the virus. Apart from medical research, technology has been put aside in all this, without the central role it was expected […]

Interview with the CEO of Axioma Holding

Axioma Holding project

During the past few months, we had the pleasure of being the consultants of Mr. Abou Shanab Abdalla, who had the brilliant idea of using Blockchain for both entrepreneurial and social purposes with a brilliant application in the real estate business. This idea turned into a project named Axioma Holding, led by Mr. Aboushanab, who […]

Coronavirus: how Blockchain is helping China

Blockchain to fight Coronavirus

While the outbreak of 2019-nCoV (or CoVid-19), commonly known as Coronavirus, is affecting China and various countries around the world, not only in terms of healthcare, but also economy and trading, governments are trying to avoid any major disruption. In China, this is happening with the help of Blockchain technology. Although the government has never […]

Crypto-friendly banks in Europe: overview and best options

Crypto-friendly banks in Europe

When we talk with our clients for the first few times, they always show a resigned attitude towards the opening of a bank account for their business, because they think there is no such thing as crypto-friendly banks in Europe. When it comes to open a bank account, apparently there is no welcoming jurisdiction for […]

Could Blockchain save the environment?

Blockchain environment

According to US economists, by the end of the year, the level of plastic waste in the sea will be around 6.3 billion metric tonnes with an estimated value of 7.2 trillion dollars. By 2050, we will have over 12 billion metric tonnes of plastic worth 14 trillion dollars in our oceans, which means more […]

Fundament Group: BaFin Approves $280M Blockchain Bond For Real Estate

The German regulator greenlights an unprecedented $280 million Ethereum-based real estate bond for security issuance firm the Fundament Group by Daryl Charman On 23rd July 2019, the German Financial Market Supervisory Authority (BaFin) approved a blockchain-based bond issuance for Fundament Group. The Berlin-based security issuance firm behind it mainly invests in commercial real estate, with […]