Blockchain KYC: an overview with case studies

Blockchain KYC

Is there a way, with modern technologies, to store, verify, and protect digital information? This question had remained with no answer for quite a long time, but now the key seems to be the Blockchain system. Blockchain KYC policies, for example, can help companies to quicken ID checks and safely transfer sensitive data to other […]

Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs): Questions & Answers

We recently posted an article on LinkedIn about Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs). We received some questions which relate to three main topics. by Simone D. Casadei Bernardi Who is responsible for running AML and CTF checks on their subscribers of the IEO? Is it the issuer or the exchange? The answer to this question can’t […]

CFTC targets BitMEX

BitMEX: U.S. watchdogs willing to step up the game with crypto oversight by Mattias Cerini News broke out recently regarding a probe launched by the U.S. Commodities Futures Exchange Commission (CFTC) into alleged trades executed by American citizens on Seychelles based crypto margin trading BitMEX. The investigation has not been made public as of the […]

FATF Releases Global Rules for Crypto Assets

The independent inter-governmental body who deal with the threats made against the global financial system like money laundering and terrorist financing, the FATF, made a big announcement surrounding crypto assets. At the closing of the Plenary Week Friday in Orlando, Florida, they announced that they had adopted and issued “an Interpretive Note to Recommendation 15 […]

Blockchain applications in legal and compliance

Blockchain applications in legal and compliance

Highly regulated industries constantly experience legal complications, and as new industrial scenarios arise, being compliant gets harder and harder. However, because of their nature, correct management of legal and compliance is not an option, as a matter of fact, businesses spend a lot of money and time on it, hence, they need to optimise this […]

The Current State of Crypto Mining Around the World

Cryptocurrency mining activity is continuing to grow, yet the regulatory landscape still doesn’t appear to be very clear. Here’s a quick guide on how some countries are approaching this emerging industry. After the Iranian government decided to cut off the power supply to local bitcoin miners back in June 2019, an air of uncertainty seems […]

Cryptocurrency Regulation in Asia: What Does the Future Hold?

The wide spectrum of conflicting views on crypto regulation across Asia is always a topic of interest. The question is; will the variation in scrutiny and lack of harmonisation hamper the growth of cryptocurrency in this continent? By Simone D. Casadei Bernardi Due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrency and the financial crime risks it […]

Social Media, Communication and Fintech: The Compliance Risks

In the age of social media and FinTech, can these two modern-day powerhouses work harmoniously in the eyes of the regulator? By Harrison O’Brien Over the past decade, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn have been a part of one of the most influential marketing and communication trends to emerge. However, with […]

Libra: A New Open Access and Connected Financial System

A quick take on the new global coin by Facebook, the crypto-game has just reached a whole new level. By Mattias Cerini Here it is. One single announcement has single-handedly skyrocketed cryptocurrencies from a small and niche market into the next gold rush. With the publication of the long-awaited Libra whitepaper dated 18th of June […]

Italian regulator suspends Tessline

Tessline is the investment firm behind Liracoin, and now that it’s been suspended, we might have a precedent that allows Italian regulators to put some restrictions on cryptos. On the 4th June 2019, Italy’s CONSOB, issued a notice of suspension to the aforementioned investment firm, Tessline. According to the notice, all the digital assets associated […]